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Generative AI and Commercial Real Estate

As many of you know, I’ve been on an exciting journey diving into the world of generative AI and exploring its applications for commercial real estate. At A.CRE, I’m committed to sharing my knowledge with our vibrant community. So far, I’ve written 15 in-depth articles covering artificial intelligence in CRE, where I delve into various use cases for AI in commercial real estate. From abstracting commercial leases, to analyzing real estate markets, to preparing for job interviews; there’s so much potential for AI in our industry!

To empower others in the industry, I’ve begun creating tutorials on using generative AI tools, hoping to make this tech more accessible and practical for real-world applications. Additionally, I’ve thus far developed three ChatGPT plugins. One of them connects ChatGPT to any proprietary sales comp database, providing real-time insights into market transactions and accelerating the previously manual process of comp analysis. Another plugin connects ChatGPT to the vast repository of A.CRE’s resources, allowing our users to use GPT-4 to find and discuss CRE content.

I’m passionate about learning and teaching about this next wave of technological advance in CRE, and my goal is to equip our community with the tools they need to thrive in the new CRE world. For those curious about my AI journey and how it intersects with commercial real estate, check out the Artificial Intelligence in CRE resources on Adventures in CRE.