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A.CRE Accelerator Real Estate Financial Modeling Courses

In January of this year (2019), Michael and I published our first comprehensive real estate financial modeling training program to Adventures in CRE. Dubbed the A.CRE Real Estate Financial Modeling Accelerator, the program includes 16 courses covering the A to Z’s of analyzing real estate in Excel. Allow me to quickly share the why and what behind the Accelerator.

Why We Developed the Accelerator

Upon its release, I wrote a blog post introducing the Accelerator and sharing the reasons for why we developed the program. To summarize that post, we developed the program in response to email after email of people asking for help beyond the 200+ posts and 60+ real estate financial models we’ve shared on Adventures in CRE over the last five years.

Even though the blog side of our website contains the content, what we learned is that our readers were needing guidance on what to learn and in what order. We also discovered that our readers wanted the content presented in a case study format with real-to-life examples and taught via ‘Watch Me Build’ style teaching.

And so in response to those requests, we spent the better part of 2018 building out the program.

What is the Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a comprehensive real estate financial modeling training program taught over 16 courses, and meant to be taken over an 8 – 12 week period. The program includes nearly 20 case studies, numerous modeling exercises, 50+ hours of video and audio content, 10+ new Excel models, and an interactive student-instructor forum.

To become an Accelerator member, click here.