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Series on Graduate Real Estate Programs

About six months ago, I set out to research and write six, in-depth profiles on the top graduate real estate programs in the United States. The series is progressing along nicely, and I recently published the fourth profile in the series; this most recent post profiling my alma mater, the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate.

You can find and read all of the profiles in the series here.

Specifics About the Series

The series seeksto provide a fact-based look at Masters in Real Estate programs in the United States. I start with six of the top programs – Columbia, Cornell, MIT, NYU, John Hopkins, and USC – but hope to expand to include profiles of a majority of the graduate real estate programs available to real estate professionals.

In the profiles, I work to avoid excessive commentary so as to publish a non-biased look at each of the schools. The profiles include specifics about each program’s curriculum, culture, admissions process, social life, career options, and then finish with a Q&A with past and present students of each program. I hope to complete the series by the end of the year.

How You Can Help

I’m not an expert on graduate real estate education in the United States, although I’m fast becoming one! So any help, insight, or feedback you – current or former students of any of the programs in this series – would be welcomed and appreciated. Even if I’ve already completed the profile for your school, anything you could add or update to the existing profiles I’d be grateful for.