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Real Estate Careers Series

In my real estate career series, I discuss how real estate as a career is widely misunderstood. To the layperson, real estate means brokering single family homes. But in reality, real estate is so much more. In this four part series, I first look at the different job sectors and property types that real estate professionals work in with. Next, I delve into the large number of business fields (e.g. architecture, brokerage, finance, development, private equity, consulting, etc) that a professional can specialize in. Third, I discuss the different job functions and how the job functions differ depending on the job sector and business field the professional is in. And finally, I take a high level look at compensation in real estate.

This series is not meant to be an exhaustive study of real estate careers, but rather a primer for those considering working in real estate or moving from one real estate business field or job sector to another.

Careers in Real Estate